Sunday, 21 July 2013


A day after deworming this round worms came off a 5 week old rott pup!


Did you know animals can get infested with worms as early as at birth?
Yes, in the uterus the worms can be transmitted from the maternal system to the foetus. After birth most of the worms are transmitted via suckling process from the maternal system to the young ones through milk, from the ground and housing.

Worms share a big portion of the feed you give to your animal, by sucking blood they also lower the immunity. In return these young ones are vulnerable to disease attacks.

At “small five VET CLINIC” we advice regular deworming between 2-3 months. We also carry out faecal lab examinations to determine if your pet is worm infested.

Make sure you deworm your pet regularly!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Puppy Care

What if the mother dies and you are left with four cute but helpless and hungry puppies?

In that case prepare for busy nights and make sure you have the right substitute food. Your effort will definitely pay. Keep the puppies warm and clean. Foodwise we highly recommend bewi-dog whelp milk.

Even if your bitch has milk it is an excellent addition to ensure your puppies will grow big and healthy!

Get bewi-dog whelp milk at our pet shop and give your puppies a good start into their lives!

Parvo kills - but this time the dog was lucky ...

A few days ago this Spitz was brought to our clinic. She had bloody diarrhoea, was very weak and had already water in her lungs.

The last Parvo cases all ended lethal but she looked hardy and strong and responded immediately to the infusion and injections. The survival rate for your dog with that virus is minimal and the disease can easily be avoided with a yearly vaccination.

We always preach that prevention is better than cure!
And this case proofs is so clearly:
We treated the Spitz and her brother and the bill for medication, care, boarding, transport, disinfection and cleaning (the virus is highly contagious) got high. The dogs could have been given their yearly booster for their whole life.

Yearly boosters and regular deworming are a must for a healthy pet!