Saturday, 12 October 2013

Transporting Your Pet By Plane

Last week we transported a 4 months old puppy from Nairobi to Coast and found out that the most convenient way is through Airkenya.
All you need is a ...
  • Health Certificate” – we will be happy to check if it is valid and has all necessary vaccinations 
  • Transport Permit” from "small five VET CLINIC" 
  • Transport Cage” 
  •  reserved Ticket (you can travel with the dog or send it alone, both for a small fee of $ 30.- (Oct 2013), for more details call small five VETCLINIC 0202001007) 
The airport staff was very understanding and allowed the dog to be walked outside until shortly before departure which minimizes the stress in the cage and plane. The time in the cage is short and the pet is transported in a pressurized luggage compartment. Make sure you don’t feed your dog before the journey but give it little to drink to avoid dehydration. Make it used to the transport box a few days before travelling (e.g. lock it there during night for sleeping).

We can highly recommend this way of transport!

Jessy (4 months) arrived happy in Diani!