Thursday, 19 January 2017

Get your import/export permit first hand from "small five VET CLINIC"

We are happy and proud to announce that we are now authorized agents for import and export permits for your pets and want to give you a rough idea what to expect if you decide to take your animal abroad or bring it to Kenya.

The most obvious advantage is you get everything first hand from us.
No waiting, running around doing payments here and there, struggling with authorities and officials. We do the whole process for you, even deliver the pet to your doorstep (within NAIROBI). The price depends on the country the animal is going / coming from. Different countries, different laws. Ensure you inquire on time (most European countries, Australia and New Zealand) have very strict regulations.

PET IMPORT (into Kenya)
The Kenyan pet import process demands that only healthy, rabies free pets are allowed entry, we will guide you and process all your relevant documents as the pet must enter Kenyan airspace as manifest cargo. We will help you with the clearing and handling process, vet check and any health adjustment if necessary on arrival.
Pups below three months should not be vaccinated against rabies. Micro-chipping is important but not a must.

The pet export process will majorly be determined by the destination country. If you are relocating your pets we advise you to inform our office at least 4 months in advance for preparation purposes. Micro-chipping and then vaccination is a mandatory requirement. Most countries will require a battery of blood work and other tests before approval. Feel free to ask for a quote.

  • Micro-chipping (we do micro-chipping, it must be done before vaccination)
  • Up to date vaccination certificate (with stamp and signature of a KVB registered vet surgeon)
  • Drawing blood for tests (which depends on the country)
  • Processing the blood samples 
  • Dispatching them to a recognized lab
  • Contacting the vet authorities in the export country to organize import permit
  • Organizing a sky kennel with watering container and funnel
  • Pet handling and logistics at the port of exit

We wish you and your four legged friends a happy and hustle free relocation.