Sunday, 11 June 2017

Pet relocation to Botswana


This week we successfully moved 7 animals (5 dogs and 2 cats) for one of our clients to Botswana. All went well and they were reunited with their owners already.

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cheap is always expensive!

This poor dog was brought in as an emergency on 7th of June. It had been castrated at the owners place in a horrible, unprofessional way (the whole procedure was performed wrongly by all standards). The dog was in a lot of pain, the wound was fully open and infected when it was brought to as 4 days after the said surgery. Our doctors decided best way to save it from dying was to perform a corrective surgery.

He is lucky we were able to fix it and currently he is recovering at the clinic. Most important - the dog is fine but it also cost the client more than double at the end. The client is happy and has learnt a lesson that cheap is expensive.

Use a registered veterinary surgeon who works at a clinic or is well known in your community.

Pictures (left: before the corrective surgery, right: our anesthetic machine)

P.S. One of the main anesthetic drugs might be terminated by the world pharmaceutical bodies, meaning it will be hardly accessible on the market. If successfully reclassified it won't be available at all.
Begs the question how will that affect you and your pet?
That means the only ethical and safe option is use of anesthetic gas for neutering and other surgeries. Most clinics in Nairobi have anesthetic machines, that means quacks coming to your house cannot sedate the animal properly. Just be keen and use a safe, clean solution!