How can I contact small five VET CLINIC?
Kindly contact us under 0202 001 007, 0702 624 945 or through email info(at)vetclinic.co.ke.

Where is the small five VET CLINIC?
It is situated on Magadi Road in the Riverside Business Complex (Hashi petrol station) in Ongata Rongai. Please find the exact location on this page.

When is the small five VET CLINIC open?
The opening hours are:
  • Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm.
  • No house calls on Tuesdays or Fridays.
  • Closed (emergencies only) on Sundays.
Changes reserved.

Does the small five VET CLINIC offer house visits?
Yes, we do. Contact us under 0202 001 007 or  0702 624 945 to book an appointment. The consultation fee is the same as in the clinic (Kshs 1000.-). We also charge mileage depending on where you are situated (minimum Kshs 1000.-).

Does the small five VET CLINIC have fixed rates for standard treatments?
Yes, we have. We want our clients to know what to expect and stand for a clear and transparent payment. Find a list of standard treatment rates at the clinic.
Please note that we have to charge an extra consultation fee of Kshs 3000.- for emergencies and appointments before 8am or after 6pm.

What can I expect when visiting the small five VET CLINIC with my pet?
Definitely the best treatment in a professional environment!

You park your vehicle at the designated parking lot at the business complex (it is closest to the clinic). Take the entrance next to the supermarket and find us upstairs.

Our reception will take your details and in case you visit us for the first time will create a file for your pet where all treatments will be documented in the future. The Assistant will handle your pet in the clinic to ensure it is safe and other clients too.

Before taken to the examination room the consultation fee of Kshs 1000.- needs to be cleared with the reception. This fee must be paid at every clinic visit. Exception: When coming for a follow up of the same treatment.

The doctor on duty will examine your pet in your presence, will suggest the best options and will calculate the costs. After consulting with the doctor you agree to a payment arrangement. Then not only your pet will enjoy our great services.

We also have a pet shop for all your pet accessories. Visit our chemist for your pet supplements, feeds and on counter drugs.

What payment methods are accepted at small five VET CLINIC?
We accept cash, MPESA, cheque and major credit cards. Please note that all transfer expenses will be on your side.
  • A cheque must be issued to small five VET CLINIC Limited. 
  • For MPESA use our Pay Bill Number 922954.
  • Credit cards accepted (PDQ machine).

NOTE: All prices are subject to change.