Pet Movement / Relocation

We are proud to say that we have done countless, successful pet relocations around the world.

There are specific rules for each country and it is crucial to know them in order to ensure a smooth, stress free process for the pet as well as the owner. Note that therefore a quote has to be customized and tailored to the size of your pet and country of destination. For some countries it is a must the process is started at least 3.5 months to departure due to strict anti-rabies rules.

We process all lab tests, permits and documents needed for your pet’s move abroad.

All animals reaching Kenya by air must enter as cargo. Leaving Kenya you can choose either cargo or excess luggage which is easier and less expensive but again depends on your country of destination.

Please understand that we only accept clients for whom we did the whole process from the ward go. We do not offer flight bookings and airport transfers only due to possible issues with incomplete paperwork.

We are grateful that so many people allowed us to care for their pets until their safe arrival at their new homes!

Kindly get in touch with us through email or call us 0702 624 945 to get a full quotation.


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